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NEVER be stuck for gift ideas ever again! Start making luxurious BATH BOMBS in the comfort of your own home. It costs just PENNIES and is the ideal home-grown business.

We reveal EVERYTHING inside our exclusive e-guide: "Make Your Own Bath Bombs".

Bath bombs are a relatively recent phenomenon that have really rocked the luxury gift industry. People, just like you and me, pay an average of $5.00 (�2.95) per bath bomb.

Initially they were distributed in gift baskets... now ENTIRE STORES throughout the US, UK and Canada devote themselves to this fizzy luxury. However there's one little secret most of these companies keep close to their chests...


Yes! That's the secret. Most people don't realize... but bath bombs are EXTREMELY easy and cheap to make!

All you need is a few basic kitchen ingredients, and a special powder you can get from ANY chemist in the world. You don't need anything else. You don't even need an oven to "bake" the bath bombs... many times you can simply let them dry out naturally. And the total cost to make an average bath bomb is just 5 CENTS (around 3p).

YES... It's THAT easy! And it's THAT cheap!

Imagine, right now, if you could access as many bath bombs as you wanted -- practically on-demand.

You'd probably use them every night, right? You could develop special versions with your favorite scents, and give them to friends as gifts. Just imagine being able to quickly produce a gift that people would willingly give their hourly wage for. Or maybe you'd be more enterprising... perhaps you'd start selling them to local stores, or at craft fares... or perhaps even go international and retail on eBay for HUGE profits!

Just think about it: presuming a production cost of 5 cents, and a sale cost of $5... that's a staggering 10,000% PROFIT!

This is one market that is so completely under-exploited, it needs individuals such as yourself to snatch up the idea... TODAY!

The problem, however, is learning HOW to make bath bombs in the first place.

You can't put your bets on inconsistent, potentially dangerous chunks of information snatched from the Internet. You need a trusted source that'll share all the secrets of the trade, by people that have been there and done it.

That's where Bath-Bomb-Recipe.com steps in, with our exciting publication -- "Make Your Own Bath Bombs".

Our exclusive new guide shares an amazing EIGHT separate recipes, each showing you how to create your own mini works of art with just a few core ingredients. You'll be guided every step of the way: from exactly what you need, to how to mix, to different drying techniques, to what ingredients to add for "special effects", and much more!

Within minutes of reading, you can be on your way to producing amazing bath bombs... with your own optional choice of "filling". Decorate your bath bombs with essential oils, ground herbs, rose buds... anything you desire. This is your chance to be truly UNIQUE in the industry!

And how much will it cost you to get hold of this exclusive information?

How much would you expect to pay for the expertly crafted information found in "Make Your Own Bath Bombs"?

If you use this information to jump start a brand new career, this critical guide would be worth a sizable portion of your income. Even if you're simply making bath bombs for fun, it can save you HUNDREDS.

Yet we're offering the "Make Your Own Bath Bombs" guide exclusively online for just $14.95 (around �9.95 or 10.95 Euros) -- when you order by midnight, Thursday, February 21st 2019. That's a saving of more than 50% on our usual price of $34.95.

PLUS: If you order today, we'll include 101 BATH & BEAUTY RECIPES that you can make at home all WITHOUT any special ingredients. You'll discover how to easily make:

   Deep Conditioner for Beautiful Hair -- unusual kitchen ingredients, but fantastically silky hair!

   Fizzy Bath Crystals -- amazing ingredients, similar to bath bombs, creates a fantastic effect

   Foaming Bath Oil Balls -- thought only the Body Shop produced these? Think again...

   Milk & Honey Facial Mask -- fantastic face mask that leaves your skin with a real all-natural glow

... and 97 other truly wondrous beauty concoctions that will literally blow you away.

Once you've tried making your own home-grown products, you'll won't WANT to go back to mass-produced supermarket alternatives! It's EASY, it's SIMPLE, it's CHEAPER... and it's SO MUCH better for you!

So, all this knowledge -- enough to practically open your own totally natural beauty store -- is available for you TODAY at a FRACTION of our usual selling price. Interested?

To ensure exclusivity of this information, we're only producing 250 copies of this guide. After that, we'll remove the guide from this site and simply use this page to provide support to existing customers.

UPDATE: We're currently over three-quarters of our way through our stock of the guide. Thanks to ALL our customers so far!

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Still not convinced? Take time out to review our 100% guarantee...

Here's our 100% GUARANTEE: If our guide doesn't provide you with everything with promise on this page -- including all 8 bath bomb recipes and an amazing 101 bath & beauty recipes, we'll provide you with a complete and utter refund.

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It's YOUR time, and it's your choice. Whatever you do, allow me to wish you luck :)

With best wishes,

Dana Strauss, President


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